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How to optimise your content with keyword clustering

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The Google algorithm is learning to read. What was a simple-minded toddler 10 years ago is now an adolescent, piecing together the complex fragments of grammar and vocabulary that constitute a language. It can now identify synonyms, prepositions, adverbs and more, enabling the algorithm to determine the value and readability of written content with greater precision. Optimising for Google-friendliness is no longer like helping an 8-year-old with their homework – it requires a bit of consideration. Keyword clustering is the first area to address. It involves optimising individual webpages (usually landing pages) for a cluster of carefully-chosen keywords to demonstrate to Google that you are an authority in your given area. It can be a time-consuming exercise, but it will cause the algorithm to look favourably upon you, which as we all know brings a sack of rewards more valuable than anything Santa can offer.